Plan Review Submittal Process

Turnaround time for review is approximately 4 - 5 weeks.


All permit application requests must be made through our permitting software, Mobile Eyes. The online submittal form and plan submittal is located within your contractor portal. We've also added them below. Along with the online submittal form, we've uploaded application forms in the portal. An application will need to be completed and submitted with the form and plans. If an online submittal form is sent without the completed application and plans, the request will be returned.

West Metro Fire Permit Process Flowchart 

Life Safety Fee Schedules

Corrections and revisions can also be uploaded through the active job within your contractor portal. Instructions can be found on the link below in the For detailed instructions on submitting a permit application. Please note that our policy regarding corrections and revisions to previously approved permit application requests has changed: 

**Both “Corrected” and “Revised” plans that are submitted for further review shall be placed back in the queue in the order they were received. They will no longer be given preference over newly submitted projects . Corrected and Revised plans could also be subject to additional fees.**

To access the CONTRACTOR PORTAL, click HERE.

  • For detailed instructions on creating a new contractor portal, click HERE
  • For detailed instructions on submitting a permit application, click HERE

 You can also view our Plan Review Types & Eligibility document for review types (SPR, Expedite, Regular), and eligibility listing for Small Project Reviews (SPR).

Below are the West Metro Permit Applications. These include checklist items that may or may not apply to your project. Additional information or documentation may be required based on the scope of work for each individual project. Once completed, save locally to your computer to upload as a part of your submittal in Mobile Eyes. These can also be found on the Main Page of your contractor portal on the left side under the Documents Library section.