Fire Safety Log Book

Fire Safety Log Books are required for all buildings with a fire alarm and must be maintained and easily accessible. 

To obtain a new log book, you can visit West Metro Fire Rescue’s Administration Building at 433 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood. The cost is $25.00. You can prepay for a book and bring a printed copy of the receipt to our office.

Visit Heartland Payment
  1. Select Life Safety as the Bill Information
  2. Log Book in the Invoice  # box 
  3. Other in the Permit/Fee Type drop down box
  4. Select Life Safety Fees in the WMFR Acct # drop down box
  5. Enter the Job Address
  6. $25.00 for the Amount.
Click the Pay by Card to finish processing the payment. Print a copy for your records and bring to our office to pick up your Fire Safety Log book. 

Or, you can produce your own log books with the document links below. 

Fire Safety Log Book Cover, Tabs, & Letter:

Fire Safety Log Book Documents:

  1. Fire Alarm Silencing and Resetting Instructions 
  2. Contact List
  3. Fire Alarm Contractor 
  4. Fire Alarm Activity Log Sheet 
  5. Inspection and Testing Form 
  6. Fire Alarm System Service Report 
  7. Fire Watch Report 
  8. Fire Watch Log
  9. Record of Completion
  10. Material & Test Certificate