Car Seat Checks

West Metro Fire Rescue wants to help you make every ride a safe one.

We offer car seat checks by appointment on select Tuesday and Friday mornings.


Please click here to schedule an appointment to meet with a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician at our Tuesday or Friday morning FIT station. In the meantime, read the owner’s manuals for both your child restraint and your vehicle to guide you in installing your child’s car seat. 
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has instructional videos to help you install your car seat. Most child restraint manufacturers post instructional videos on their websites and social media outlets as well.

If you live outside the West Metro Fire Protection District or would like to schedule an appointment on a different day, please check This website lists other agencies who offer this service and an explanation of Colorado’s law and safety guidelines.

Please note:

West Metro Fire Rescue does not offer car seat checks as a drop-in service at our fire stations.  We offer this service by appointment only.
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