Fire Alarms & Sprinkler Permitting

Plans shall include information based on the requirements of the currently adopted Fire Code as amended and the most current NFPA standards. The following are some of the key elements required on/of the drawing package:
• Floor Plan
• Ceiling height and detail information
• One line diagram
• Battery Calculation
• Load Calculations for each zone
• Wiring diagrams for all components within your scope of work
• Graphic Zone Map
• All symbols used on the fire alarm system plan shall be from NFPA 170, where applicable.
• All plans shall be drawn to scale with a minimum font size of 1/8” in height. 

Acceptance Testing Requirements

(Fire Alarm Systems)

• Make sure all requirements of the permit have been met prior to calling for an Acceptance Test.
• All system and related components shall be tested and ready for Acceptance Testing.
• All required permits (fire department and city or county) shall be on site for the inspector's review.
• System failure may result in a $300.00 re-inspection fee. 

Sprinkler System Requirements

• All plans shall be drawn to scale and submitted on a minimum size of 18" by 24".
• All symbols used on the fire alarm system plan shall be from NFPA 170.
• All installations shall meet the International Fire Code as amended.
• Cut sheets required for all equipment
• Fire Suppression or detection systems plans shall require at least a NICET III or a P.E. (Professional Engineer) stamp. In addition, sprinkler plans shall have the State of Colorado, Division of Fire Safety, "Plan Registration Form."
• Standpipe-1 1/2" couplings shall be iron pipe thread. 2 1/2" couplings shall be National Standard thread.
• All standpipes should have a 2 1/2" outlet with an 1 1/2" reducer.
City or County permit may be required for work being done with regard to smoke detection or automatic sprinkler systems.

fire alarm on wall
fire sprinkler