Community Risk Reduction

West Metro Fire Rescue’s Community Risk Reduction efforts involve fire investigations, fire inspections, and fire code enforcement within our district. The Life Safety Division also investigates citizen complaints regarding fire and life safety hazards and enforces compliance with county burning regulations.

We work with the National Fire Protection Association, the National Fire Sprinkler Association, the International Code Council, local government and other agencies to ensure our staff members are up to date with their knowledge and skills regarding policy, engineering, technology and best practices in the fire service.

Prevention and Enforcement

is carried out by our Life Safety Division through fire code inspections, new construction inspections, compliance inspections, and high risk occupancies.

Community Education Programs

include programs for citizens that increase their knowledge and awareness of their life safety risks. These programs involve services delivered to individuals and families, group presentations and customized programs designed to enhance safety for staff, residents and emergency responders at businesses and residential facilities.

Our Fire Investigators 

are responsible for investigating origin and cause of all fires. They are certified Fire/Arson Investigators as well as certified Peace Officers. The Investigators also assist with our Youth Fire Setter program. 

Please feel free to contact us at (303) 989-4307 for more information regarding these programs.