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  1. Wildfire Safety

    No matter where you live in Colorado, wildfire is a threat to your home and property. Read on...
  2. Save a Life: Learning CPR

    Just a few short hours of training and you can gain the skills to help save a life. Read on...
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  1. Protect Your Home and Property from Wildfire

    Since the Marshall Fire in Boulder County, we've had quite a few folks reaching out to us to talk about wildfire mitigation around homes and property. Like many wind-driven wildfires, the homes that were lost in the Marshall Fire were victims of small fires started by embers that landed in mulch, woodpiles and trash cans. Or, made their way under decks and into the structure through vents in the roof.
    In the video above- a few simple steps to take to protect your home. Also: check out these wildfire mitigation tips.