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Annual Code Compliance Building Inspections

International Fire Code

West Metro Fire Protection District utilizes the International Fire Code, as do most fire departments nationwide. These codes contain necessary regulations, which help us maintain safe businesses, schools, hospitals, factories, and other structures. Also, the State of Colorado, through the Revised Statutes, requires that a fire inspection be done on a regular basis for the protection of people and property.

The International Fire Code has specific guidelines; however, interpretations may vary at times. It is our hope that the following information will help you assist us in making more thorough and consistent inspections, and gain a better understanding of why it is important we have an inspection program.

Compliance Inspection Process

A company of firefighters from the nearest fire station will perform most initial inspections. Of mutual benefit is that this enables the firefighters and business people to familiarize themselves with their neighborhood structures, as well as each other. These inspections are done "in-service", meaning that the crew will be available to respond to any emergencies that may arise, and may have to leave in the middle of the inspection. In this situation, the crew will return as soon as possible to complete the inspection.

Companies Testing and Inspecting Fire Protection Systems

New process for providers who test and inspect fire protection systems:

In an effort to reduce the 3500 false fire alarms our crews respond to each year, the West Metro Fire Protection District has implemented a new process for providers who test and inspect fire protection systems.  Effective February 15, 2019 all compliant & non-compliant fire protection systems test reports are required to be sent to the West Metro Fire Protection District electronically by your respective organization via The Compliance Engine’s online system.

This web based service will aggregate, track and streamline the collection of compliance data of our jurisdiction’s systems. Property owners will receive timely proactive notifications of their testing requirements, and the West Metro Fire Protection District will gain the ability to better mitigate the risk in our community by improving public safety to our citizens.

All service providers who inspect or test fire protection systems within the West Metro Fire Protection District’s jurisdiction are required to register and submit all test, inspection and service reports via The Compliance Engine. All reports must be submitted in accordance with the testing schedule and requirements outlined in the adopted fire code.

This vigilant process requires the service provider to pay a filing fee of $25.00 per inspection report at the time of submittal. There is no fee to register a company with The Compliance Engine. Once registered, pricing is viewable under West Metro Fire Protection District icon in The Compliance Engine. If you are a licensed fire protection system contractor and are not currently registered, please do so at

We look forward to partnering with our businesses and inspection companies to better protect and serve our community.


If any violations are cited on the initial inspection, the station crew will do a follow up inspection approximately 2 weeks following the initial inspection. An inspector from the Life Safety Division will follow up when violations are not corrected. All violations should be corrected as soon as possible after the inspection.

Although this list cannot possibly encompass all regulations in the International Fire Code, the list encompasses the most common violations we encounter. This will enable you to take an active part in keeping your business and community safe year-round.

West Metro Fire Protection District is committed to providing professional fire protection, life safety education and community service. For further information or concerns, please contact our Code Enforcement Division at (303) 989-4307.