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Firefighter Recruit

 Firefighter Recruit Physical Agility Test Dates

  • June 20th: 9:30am-12:30pm
  • July 15th: 10:00am-12:30pm


Sign up for a PAT Time Slots

Temperatures and weather conditions will determine the status. Check back here for updates.

A recruitment banner showing firefighters in action with the text "Join Our Team" for West Metro Fire Rescue.
Who We Are 
Our Mission Statement
The West Metro Fire Rescue family is committed to protecting the community’s quality of life through prevention, preparedness, and all hazards emergency response.
“Whatever it takes to serve.”

Full-service, all-hazard, fire and rescue agency, serving nearly 300,000 residents, covering more than 110 square miles. WMFR is committed to providing professional fire protection, emergency medical services, life safety, and community service with a vision that shapes the future.

Throughout the District, 17 fire stations provide reliable and timely response through an integrated network of trained personnel and state-of-the-art apparatus, which include:

  • 16 Engines 
  • 12 Medic Units (Ambulances) 
  • 3 Truck companies (100-foot aerial ladders with extrication equipment) 
  • 1 Heavy rescue 
  • Brush trucks 
  • Dive vans and rescue boats 
  • Hazardous materials response vehicle 
  • Technical rescue equipment 
  • Special rescue and EMS equipment 
  • Wildland Team 
  • Three to four personnel staff each engine/tower and two firefighter/paramedics staff each medic.
How to Become a Firefighter 

Applications: Applications are closed for the August 2024 Academy. Each Academy will be a new hiring cycle, in which a new application will need to be submitted. Application updates will be posted on our Job Posting page. Click here to view open positions and apply.

Written Test: The written exam is a fully validated general knowledge test with questions and examples tailored to the profession and designed to demonstrate your ability to process information and think critically. The written test will be administered remotely. Passing score is 70%.

Physical Agility Test (PAT):  PATs are allowed to be taken up to 3 times per cycle (second and third attempts are not guaranteed). The highest score will be accepted. A Physicians Release form must be signed by a physician in order to complete the PAT. Passing score is 70%.

Oral Board: The number of candidates who will proceed to the oral board process will be dependent on the written and physical scores, and West Metro Fire Rescue. 

Background: A background investigation will be conducted on all final applicants, including polygraph examination, a psychological evaluation, a physical, and chemical testing for the presence of alcohol and drugs.


2024 Developing Firefighter Wage Schedule

0-5 Months$67,018.71
6-14 Months$72,173.99
15-24 Months$82,484.56
25-30 Months$87,639.85
31-36 Months$97,950.42
Base Salary$103,105.70

West Metro Professional Firefighters Local 1309

West Metro Fire Rescue firefighters are represented by Local 1309 of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF).  Local 1309 negotiates for pay and benefits on behalf of its 400+ uniformed members.  Listed is the current firefighter contract which expires at the end of 2025.  The contract represents many years of effective and collaborative labor/management relationships.

Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance

West Metro employees can choose from several different medical and dental insurance plans, vision insurance, prescription coverage and flexible benefit plans. There is also a retirement health savings plan which helps employees afford medical costs when they retire. 

Retirement Plans, Life Insurance

West Metro employees have a pension through FPPA and can choose from several retirement plans, including IRA's, 457 and 401a. The district also offers life insurance and death and disability insurance. 

Vacation, Holiday, Personal Days

West Metro employees have 10 holidays a year, plus generous vacation and personal time off. 

Wellness, Workout Facility

West Metro employees are encouraged to stay healthy and there are workout facilities available in the district and for reduced cost at some local health clubs.

Tuition Reimbursement

West Metro also encourages employees to continue learning and offers education reimbursement benefits. 

WMFR Employee Benefits Brochure 2024.pdf
Firefighter with dog in front of fire engine
Physical Agility Test 

Future Firefighter Applicants: 

We are now running scored Physical Agility Tests (PAT) for our upcoming hiring list. These are FREE and open to anyone age 18 or older. This is one of the required testing phases in becoming a firefighter with WMFR. Upon completion with a passing score, you will receive a PAT Certificate that will be valid for this upcoming hiring process. To participate in the PAT, all participants must bring a valid Driver's License, a signed Release of Liability Waiver (will also be provided at check in), and must have a signed Physicians Release (If you have questions about the Physicians Release, please email Please be ready in your workout attire, and bring your own hydration. When signing up for your PAT please try to sign up for the earliest available time slot.


Physical Agility Test Video Breakdown

Scheduled Dates & Times* 

  • June 20th: 9:30am-12:30pm
  • July 15th: 10:00am-12:30pm
Sign up for a PAT Time Slot


West Metro Fire Training Center
3535 S. Kipling St. Lakewood CO 80235

PAT Parking.pdf
*Dates/times subject to change, all updates will be posted here.
Written Test 

You must submit an application to be eligible to take the written test.  

Written Test Dates and Information

  • More information on Written Test dates to come

Written Test Preparation Material 

Candidate Preparation Manuals - $5

Includes detailed recommendations on important concepts, such as the most effective test-taking strategies and methods, specific information about CPS HR test forms, and what to expect on the day of the test administration. Also includes several practice questions covering each section of the test, along with helpful tools, like a sample answer sheet and template test instructions for candidates to prepare before the day of the test.

Practice Tests - $15

Simulates full-length versions of CPS HR tests and have been designed to replicate the look and feel of test-day material. Contains practice items across the same sections contained in our test forms. When candidates have completed the online practice exam, they will receive a breakdown of their scores by section. (Candidates will not receive a list of the questions and answers.) In addition, candidates can re-take the exam one additional time at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does WMFR require all applicant to have their EMT prior to hire?

The EMT certification is no longer a requirement for hire. If you are not EMT certified by hire date, WMFR will pay for and put you through EMT school.

Does WMFR accept the CPAT?

We do not accept CPAT Scores. Our Physical Agility Test (PAT) is unique to our department, and is a required step in our hiring process. 

Are all West Metro firefighters required to be paramedics? 

Yes, currently, all developing Firefighter are required to attend Paramedic school. This usually occurs during the Firefighter Development Process or prior to completing three years’ service with the West Metro Fire Protection District. The time periods associated with attending paramedic school may be adjusted based on District needs at the discretion of the Firefighter Development Captain and Fire Chief. The District will pay for the paramedic education costs and all West Metro FF/ Paramedics receive an additional $690/mo. in paramedic pay. Candidates that are certified paramedics in the state of Colorado before they start academy with WMFR will receive paramedic pay ($690/mo.) immediately after academy graduation.

How long does the hiring list last?

The hiring list will be a live list of PAT and written scores, that is good for two academies. You will have to reapply for each academy. There will be an opportunity to improve scores after the first academy, to move up on our list for the second academy.

Does WMFR award preference points?

For veterans who qualify, 5 or 10 points (5 points for veterans and 5 points for disabled veteran) will be added to the overall point total. Requires veteran discharge record, DD 214 (member 4 form) and/or SF15 form, if applicable.

What is WMFR’s drug and alcohol policy?

West Metro Fire Rescue maintains a drug-free workplace and requires its members to refrain from usage or possession of illegal substances at all times. Illegal substances are defined as any drug or chemical which is not legally obtainable, or which is legally obtainable but has not been legally obtained. The term includes prescription drugs not being used for prescribed purposes, and includes all controlled substances as defined by the Colorado Controlled Substances Act. This policy also applies to marijuana and products containing THC. 

WMFR’s Drug and Alcohol PolicyWMFR’s Tobacco Policy

What is WMFR’s tattoo and appearance policy?

All personnel shall maintain a neat, clean, well-groomed personal appearance. Tattoos, regardless of subject matter, are prohibited on the head, face, and neck of employees. 

WMFR’s Tattoo and Appearance Policy
Minimum Qualifications 
  • US citizenship.
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • A permanent resident of Colorado.
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Able to speak, read, and write the English language.
  • Must be drug free, tobacco free, and must not be currently addicted to, or utilizing any illegal drug or controlled substance.
  • Must have a valid photo ID and furnish a current copy of driving record, be insurable by the district's insurance carrier at normal rate of insurance, and obtain a Colorado driver's license within 45 days following the date of hire.
  • Required vaccinations: Tuberculosis (TB) screening, Hepatitis C virus screening, HIV screening, Hepatitis B and titers, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis), Polio, Varicella, Influenza.
  • Must meet the medical standards established by the current edition of NFPA 1582, as verified by a District approved physical examination. Must be physically able to perform all work of the fire service as determined by passing the physical agility test (PAT) and metabolic equivalent test (MET) adopted by the district, per the applicable administrative procedures.
  • A background investigation will be conducted on all final applicants, including polygraph examination, a psychological evaluation, a physical, and chemical testing for the presence of alcohol and drugs.

West Metro Fire Rescue is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO)


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Human Resources Department.


Call: (303) 539-9544

Firefighter helping a child spray a hose at a fire truck event.

  Equal Opportunity Statement 

West Metro Fire Rescue is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, sex, gender, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, military status, veteran status, marital status, sexual preference or orientation including gender identity, transgender status, genetic information, pregnancy, physical recovery from childbirth or related condition, membership or non-membership in the union, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, West Metro Fire Rescue will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with eligible disabilities (unless the disability precludes performance of the essential functions of the position).