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West Metro Fire Academy

A group of recruits in full gear with helmets and air packs, preparing for instruction of their first drill

The West Metro Fire Academy will provide you with every opportunity to succeed. The education, experience, and training you will receive in the academy will lay a solid foundation for your career as a firefighter, at West Metro Fire or your respective agency. However, the ultimate responsibility for taking advantage of this opportunity is yours. Your goal of achieving the rank of Firefighter is entirely dependent on YOU.
To best prepare you for a career in the fire service, the academy has an extensive curriculum that includes:

  • A demanding physical fitness program
  • A comprehensive education that correlates with the career
  • All-encompassing hands-on encounter
  • Tangible firefighting, rescue, and emergency medical scenarios.

The West Metro Fire Rescue expects that you master all aspects of the curriculum before you complete the academy. You will be asked to perform skills competently, confidently, and consistently throughout the academy. The public that we serve expects nothing less than your best, and it is incumbent on each one of you to maintain the focus needed to achieve the standards expected of you.