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Fire Alarms and Sprinkler Permitting and Testing

Acceptance Testing Requirements

• Make sure all requirements of the permit have been met prior to calling for an Acceptance Test.
• All system and related components shall be FULLY TESTED and ready for Acceptance Testing.
• All required permits (fire department and city or county) shall be on site for the inspector's review.
• System failure may result in a $300.00 re-inspection fee. 


Plans shall include information based on the requirements of the currently adopted Fire Code, as amended, and the appropriate NFPA Standards.
Minimum documentation/submittal requirements shall follow:
> IFC Ch. 1
> NFPA 72 Ch. 7 (Fire Alarm)
> NFPA 13 Ch. 23 (Sprinkler)

• All plans shall be drawn to scale and submitted on a minimum size of 18" by 24". 
• Data sheets are required for all equipment 
• Fire Suppression and Fire Detection Systems plans shall require at least a NICET III or a Professional Engineer stamp from an engineer who is trained in the design of the particular system being installed.
• Standpipe-1 1/2" couplings shall be iron pipe thread. 2 1/2" couplings shall be National Standard thread. 
• All standpipes should have a 2 1/2" outlet with an 1 1/2" reducer. 
City or County permits may be required for work being done with regard to smoke detection or automatic sprinkler systems.