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Knox Box

If you are required to install a Knox Box, you may do so directly from Knox Company or a local third party provider.  Please use the provided link to contact them:

For security purposes and uniformity throughout the district all boxes shall be of the RECESS mount type.  All other mounting options (surface mount) will require approval from the West Metro Fire Protection District’s Fire Marshal’s Office. 

Preferred Knox Model Series

  • Knoxbox 3200 recessed – holds 10 keys or less
  • Knoxvault 4400 recessed – holds up to 50 keys
  • Residential Boxes are not allowed for use on commercial buildings.

Once you have received the Knox Box:

  • Install no further than 10 feet from the front door and no higher than 6 feet off the ground or as instructed by the inspector.
  • Ensure that it is plainly visible with clear and easy access.
  • Contact Jefferson County Communications Center at 303-980-7300 and tell them you are ready to install your keys in the Knox Box. They will then send a crew out to install the keys and lock up the Knox Box.

For additional questions or authorization for alternative mounting options please contact Lt. Steven Sferra at or 303-539-9772.