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Life Safety

West Metro’s Life Safety Division handles code compliance, fire investigation, plan review and inspection for new construction and remodels, special event permits, and safety education for the fire district. 

West Metro works with many groups, developers, builders, and city planners to make sure that new construction includes needed space for fire apparatus to stage and operate, allowing firefighters to do their job safely and effectively. This demonstration of a fire response was staged for Lakewood city planners so they could see first-hand what it takes to respond to a call.

Building a Safe Community

Building a safe community means starting literally from the ground up. Our Life Safety Division works with developers and contractors to meet fire and safety codes for new construction and remodel projects. And when the construction is complete, we work with businesses to plan and practice emergency evacuation drills.

We know that a safe community is one where residents and businesses are empowered with the information they need to reduce or prevent risk where they live or work. While the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our education efforts, our firefighters and educators were still able to deliver fire prevention and safety information to area classrooms and daycare centers, local businesses, organizations and agencies.

ROTC, the "Arson" Dog

New "Investigator" has a Nose for Crime

West Metro added a new "investigator" to the staff in 2020. ROTC (pronounced Rot-see) is an accelerant detection canine, graduated from the State Farm Arson Dog Program. ROTC has a keen sense of smell that has been put to use to investigate fires in the district. He will also assist neighboring agencies with their incidents.