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Low-Cost Smoke and CO Alarms

When funding permits, West Metro Fire Rescue offers the following low-cost items to low-income and/or senior homeowners residing in our district:

  • Low Cost Smoke Alarms: Homeowners may request up to 3 smoke alarms for their home ($5 per smoke alarm).  These alarms have sealed 10-year batteries.  We do not provide or service hard-wired alarms.  Please contact a licensed electrician for needs concerning hard-wired alarms.
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Homeowners may request up to 2 carbon monoxide alarms for their home ($5 for the first alarm and $10 for the 2nd CO alarm). 
  • Proof of homeownership is required. The purpose of this program is to protect people living in the home for which the alarms are provided. If you are a renter, your landlord is required to provide you with working smoke alarms, see info below.
  • These alarms are not offered to people preparing a home for sale and need to bring the home up to code with required alarms.
  • This program is available to property located within the West Metro Fire Protection District only.

Battery Maintenance for alarms:

  • Please note that smoke alarm and CO alarm battery maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner and/or tenants. 
  • We recommend batteries be changed twice a year when clocks are changed for daylight savings time. 
  • In extreme cases with elderly or disabled residents who do not have family or neighbors to help them, please contact our main phone number during office hours to request assistance.


 If you are renting your home, it is your landlord’s responsibility to provide working carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms.

Colorado Law:

Requires all rental (and For-Sale property) units have a Carbon Monoxide detector within 15 feet of the door to any sleeping area (or installed per manufacturer’s recommendation). Owners are responsible for the initial installation of the detector. Tenants are responsible for the general maintenance and notifying the owner if the unit is defective or a repair is needed.

Smoke alarms shall be installed in the following locations:

  • In each sleeping room.
  • Outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms.
  • On each additional story of the dwelling, including the basements and habitable attics but not including crawl spaces and uninhabitable attics. In dwellings or dwelling units with split levels, and without an intervening door between the adjacent levels, a smoke alarm installed on the upper level shall suffice for the adjacent lower level provided that the lower level is less than one full story below the upper level.