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Prescribed Burn at Bear Creek Lake Park: Week of Sept. 25

Prescribed Burn at Bear Creek Lake Park

Hands-on Training for Firefighters, Improved Park Habitat

Lakewood, CO - West Metro Fire Rescue, in cooperation with the City of Lakewood and Bear Creek Lake Park, is planning to conduct prescribed fire operations in the park the week of September 25, weather permitting. The burns are designed to improve conditions for native plants and wildlife and give West Metro firefighters valuable hands-on training with live fire.

Over the past few years, the park has seen invasive species begin to crowd out native plants and grasses. Prescribed burns will help rid the burn area of weeds and excess debris that can be a fire hazard and encourage native plants and grasses to grow, improving habitat for wildlife and insects. Prescribed fire is a valuable resource management tool.

Firefighters will first establish control lines around the burn area perimeter by blacklining (burning off small widths of vegetation) and/or using man-made features such as regional trails and park service roads. Then, the interior of the area will be burned, with the goal of completing an estimated 100 acres.

It’s possible that smoke from the prescribed fires could affect the health of those in neighborhoods closer to the park. Residents can protect themselves and their families by closing windows and doors, staying inside and avoiding exercise or other strenuous activities. Elderly people, young children under 7, and those with preexisting respiratory or circulatory conditions should take precautions. For more information, visit:

Safety for the public and our firefighters is the top priority when considering any prescribed fire operation. The weather forecast and condition of the fuel (vegetation) may affect the dates for the burns. West Metro firefighters will monitor conditions to determine if and when ignition should take place.