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Special Teams

West Metro Fire Rescue Special Teams

West Metro has a number of special teams that undertake hundreds of hours of training each year. Most of our special teams participate in regional and national cooperatives, lending a hand to other fire and rescue agencies across the country when disaster strikes. Our dive team works with the Denver Metro Dive Team, made up of divers from four different agencies. Our technical rescue team handles everything from collapsed buildings to rope rescues in Colorado's rocky terrain.  Members of our wild land team are often called out as experts to work large wildfires in Colorado and other states.  Our hazardous materials team is called in on incidents involving potentially harmful or deadly chemicals or gases. 

Colorado Task Force 1 (CO-TF1)

West Metro Fire Rescue is also the sponsoring agency for the Colorado Task Force 1 (CO-TF1), Urban Search and Rescue. The task force is a Colorado-based team under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).