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Staying Safe with Smart 911, File of Life

File of Life on front of a refrigerator.

Medical emergencies can happen at any time. In West Metro’s district, nearly 70% of all our calls are medical emergencies. Sometimes, the situation is non-life threatening. But often- seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

When our paramedics arrive on scene- they need information about the person in need. Does the patient have prior medical conditions? Allergies? What medications are they taking? Who do they want us to call? In these situations, the answers can be critical to a good outcome. That’s why registering with Smart911 or having a File of Life on hand is so important for first responders- allowing them immediate access to medical information, which can then be passed on to doctors and medical professionals waiting in the emergency room.

With Smart911, you can provide first responders with information you want them to know in any kind of emergency. After creating a profile at, first responders can view your address, medical information, home information, description of pets and vehicles, and emergency contacts. You can provide as much or as little information as you like. For West Metro- Smart911 allows our paramedics access to medical information even before they arrive at your home, saving time during a life-threatening event.

Smart911 is a national service, meaning that your safety profile travels with you and can be accessed by any participating 9-1-1 center across the country.

The File of Life is easy to use for everyone and contains the same information as Smart911, but in paper form. The File of Life kit is free, and you can get one from West Metro. Once you have it, just fill out the information on the form, put the form into the plastic shield, and put it in the refrigerator (magnetic ones go on the refrigerator). Then, place the "File of Life" sticker in a visible area that will be seen by responders. Our crews know to look for the sticker.

Both Smart911 and the File of Life can give you and your family piece of mind knowing that in case of an emergency, important information will be readily available to help ensure that you receive the best possible care. Both provide enhanced communication with emergency responders and can be valuable resources during an emergency- when there is confusion, panic, and urgency, and potentially- a life at stake.

To sign up for Smart911, go to If you’d like a File of Life, you can pick one up at West Metro’s administrative building- located at 433 South Allison Parkway in Lakewood. Or on our website-, click on the “Contact Us” button, and fill in your information and we will send one to you. Be prepared and be safe.