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Teenager Survives Scooter Accident

West Metro firefighter posing with patient in front of Engine 4

Just one month ago- it was touch and go for the young man on the left. A scooter accident in a parking lot on west Alameda Parkway had left him with a severed artery in one leg. But, 14-year-old Jake Schaefer was able to call 911 and firefighters with West Metro Engine 4 and Medic 2 arrived on scene.

Firefighter/Paramedic Shane Finley (on the right) was Jake's main caregiver. The responding crew quickly placed a tourniquet on Jake's leg, applied pressure to the wound, and got him to the emergency room. Jake is undergoing rehab and there is potentially more surgery ahead, but, he is a survivor.

This week- Jake and his dad dropped by Station 4 to meet the crew.