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Wellness Division

Firefighting is a physically demanding career and it can be dangerous. Keeping our firefighters fit for duty means West Metro's line personnel are ready for the everyday challenges of their job. The greatest asset of our district is our firefighters. 
Our district is the only fire department in the state of Colorado with an in-house rehabilitation model that slashes costs to the taxpayer while ensuring an optimal full body approach to injury rehabilitation. Since the introduction of our Wellness program in 1998, we've seen a monumental decline in on-the-job injuries, workers' compensation claims, lost work time claims and obesity rates. 
We're in the Wellness business because it makes sense. Improving the quality of life for our employees and cutting costs. 

Fitness Requirements

Each year, we test our firefighters to check their fitness level with a PAT (physical ability test). The PAT test puts our crews through many of the activities they may perform at a fire - climbing stairs, dragging and lifting hose and rescuing victims. 

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Student Internships

We welcome college students who are completing an educational based internship in the Physical Fitness, Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology and Wellness fields of study.
If you're interested in working with West Metro, contact Bob Stratman, Wellness/Worker's Compensation Manager. Email