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West Metro Helps Relocate Bear

Bear in tree.

On Tuesday, October 4, West Metro crews assisted Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers with relocating a bear. The bear had been hanging out in a Littleton neighborhood, near the intersection of West Elmhurst Place and West Friend Place. He was spotted on Monday night and it was hoped that he would move on by morning. But come daylight, he was still in the area. Crews with Truck 14 and Tower 2 responded to the scene. Firefighters first attempted to move into place to try and get a harness around the bear so they could lower him to the ground after he was tranquilized. But, he was hiding behind some thick branches and there was no way to get to him.

West Metro Tower 2 provided a platform for a wildlife officer to shoot tranquilizer darts, and then everyone waited until the bear feel asleep. CPW officers on scene believed the bear to be six to eight years old. He was relocated to more bear appropriate surroundings later that night.