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Youth Fire Setter Intervention

Do you have concerns regarding your/a child misusing fire? If so please contact us.

  • We have certified Youth Fire Setter Intervention Specialists who are trained to assess the level of risk and determine the appropriate intervention.
  • The goal of our program is prevent future misuse of fire.

West Metro Fire Rescue accepts referrals from parents, schools and local law enforcement agencies.

Curiosity is normal. Setting fires is not normal behavior.

Learn more about why kids set fires and information regarding fire safety and youth fire setters on the National Fire Protection Administration’s website

We can help.  Please contact us with additional questions: (303) 989-4307.

Teaching Children Fire Safety:

 The most critical message for children to learn is that lighters and matches are tools, not toys!  Parents and caregivers should never use lighters, matches, and fire for fun.  Children will mimic you, and when they do it unsupervised, tragic events can result.
Praise your child for practicing responsible behavior and showing respect for fire. Set a good example for safe use of fire.

  • Always supervise young children.
  • Keep lighters or matches out of the reach of children (ex: locked cabinet)
  • Use child-resistant lighters, but remember that they are not child proof.
  • Instruct young children to inform an adult if they find lighters or matches and if they ever see other young people playing with them. Find an adult you trust.