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Does WMFR require all applicant to have their EMT prior to hire?

  • The EMT certification is no longer a requirement for hire. If you are not EMT certified by hire date, WMFR will pay for and put you through EMT school.

Does WMFR except the CPAT?

  • We do not except CPAT Scores. Our Physical Agility Test (PAT) is unique to our department, and is a required step in our hiring process. 

Are all West Metro firefighters required to be paramedics? 

  • Yes, currently, all developing Firefighter are required to attend Paramedic school. This usually occurs during the Firefighter Development Process or prior to completing three years’ service with the West Metro Fire Protection District. The time periods associated with attending paramedic school may be adjusted based on District needs at the discretion of the Firefighter Development Captain and Fire Chief. The District will pay for the paramedic education costs and all West Metro FF/ Paramedics receive an additional $690/mo. in paramedic pay. Candidates that are certified paramedics in the state of Colorado before they start academy with WMFR will receive paramedic pay ($690/mo.) immediately after academy graduation.

How long does the hiring list last?

  • The hiring list will be a live list of PAT and written scores, that is good for two academies. You will have to reapply for each academy. There will be an opportunity to improve scores after the first academy, to move up on our list for the second academy.

Does WMFR award preference points?

  • For veterans who qualify, 5 or 10 points (5 points for veterans and 5 points for disabled veteran) will be added to the overall point total. Requires veteran discharge record, DD 214 (member 4 form) and/or SF15 form, if applicable.

What is WMFR’s drug and alcohol policy?

West Metro Fire Rescue maintains a drug-free workplace and requires its members to refrain from usage or possession of illegal substances at all times. Illegal substances are defined as any drug or chemical which is not legally obtainable, or which is legally obtainable but has not been legally obtained. The term includes prescription drugs not being used for prescribed purposes, and includes all controlled substances as defined by the Colorado Controlled Substances Act. This policy also applies to marijuana and products containing THC.

For a full break down of WMFR’s Drug and Alcohol Policy click Here.For a full break down of WMFR’s Tobacco Policy click Here.

What is WMFR’s tattoo and appearance policy?

All personnel shall maintain a neat, clean, well-groomed personal appearance. Tattoos, regardless of subject matter, are prohibited on the head, face, and neck of employees.

For a full break down of WMFR’s Tattoo and Appearance Policy click Here.