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Personal Emergency Preparedness Tips

Wheres Your Household's Safe Meeting Place?

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HOME ESCAPE PLAN: Don't wait until an emergency happens to realize you should have created an escape plan. Plan ahead and discuss what you and everyone who lives in your household should do if a fire occurs in the home. Know 2 ways out of every room, be sure to practice getting low under smoke and getting OUT. As a household, choose a meeting place outside of the home, so in an emergency, you all have a safe place to meet. This will help ensure you and the fire department knows if everyone is out of the home or if someone is still inside.

Having a safe meeting place is important for your family as well as our firefighters who will risk their lives to find your loved ones. Having everyone in one place keeps our firefighters safe. And remember - once you are OUT, stay OUT. Do not go back in for animals or material items.  

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Supplies & Packing Lists

Complete Emergency Prep Workbook by The Independence Center.pdfEmergency Kits - Personal, Home, Car, Service Dog.pdfGeneral Emergency and Disaster Preparation.pdfShelter in Place.pdfMedical and Supply List.pdf


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