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Seal of Approval

Community Risk Reduction

West Metro Fire Rescue’s Community Risk Reduction efforts involve fire investigations, fire inspections, and fire code enforcement within our district. The Life Safety Division also investigates citizen complaints regarding fire and life safety hazards and enforces compliance with county burning regulations.
We work with the National Fire Protection Association, the National Fire Sprinkler Association, the International Code Council, local government and other agencies to ensure our staff members are up to date with their knowledge and skills regarding policy, engineering, technology and best practices in the fire service.

Please feel free to contact us at (303) 989-4307 for more information regarding these programs.

West Metro Fire Rescue's Seal of Approval

Senior Residential Facilities may earn West Metro Fire Rescue's Seal of Approval by meeting the following requirements:

1. Emergency Operation Plan has been approved by West Metro Fire Rescue

  •  Includes Resident relocation plan and major event response
  •  A member of your staff is trained in the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) Certifications IS-100 HC and IS-700a (attach copy of certificates)
  •  A copy of the Staff Review Roster is attached

2. Your facility has a Fall Prevention Program with the following components:

Staff Training for Fall PreventionResident Training
  •  Training Attendance Rosters 

     3. Fire Protection System Maintenance

    • In house maintenance is up to date 
    • Annual contracted maintenance is up to date 
    • Logbook is maintained

    4. West Metro Inspection

    5. State Inspection

    Once awarded our Seal of Approval, facilities will receive a plaque and be listed on our website with a link to their own website. Facilities may submit a Facility Application form and Facility Checklist for West Metro Fire Rescue's Seal of Approval.

    The following facility has earned the West Metro Fire Rescue Seal of Approval:

    Eaton Senior Communities, 333 S. Eaton Street, Lakewood 80226 
    Contact us for more information regarding the Seal of Approval program.

    West Metro Fire Rescue serves as a safety advocate

    West Metro Fire Rescue serves as a safety advocate and resource for the owners, staff and residents at Senior Residential Facilities. We offer programs and information to all parties in an effort to increase safety for the people who live and work in assisted living, nursing homes and combination facilities.
    When considering a facility for yourself or a loved one, make sure you fully understand their policies and services. Use a checklist to rate each facility you consider. Pay close attention to their emergency operation procedures, emergency relocation plan including transportation to the evacuation site and their lift assist policy.
    West Metro Fire Rescue will help facilities develop and review their Emergency Operation Plan and Fall Prevention Programs. Feel free to use this Emergency Operation Plan template and this Fall Prevention Program Resource to help implement a program for the residents at your facility

     checklist Emergency Operation Plan templateFall Prevention Program Resource